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Rob Kirby: The Rest of the (Gold) Story

Left: Image of tungsten gold reported in news video posted on Run To Gold.

When a video of tungsten filled gold bars hit the internet a few months ago, many thought that they had found the smoking gun to the rumors which had started even weeks before when certain writers alerted the world that LBMA Good Delivery bars were in fact frauds. But alas pulling on the roots of evil brings up a clump of dirt as Rob Kirby reports in his latest article, The Rest of the Story as carried by Zero Hedge. The connections he traced surprised even us.

Financial analyst Rob Kirby reported in 2009 strong evidence of fake gold bars which were gold plated tungsten found in the vaults of an Asian bank. Tungsten has properties close enough to gold which make it a credible substitute when assays are not taken. Then earlier in 2010 an older German video surfaced showing an actual tungsten filled bar. Even then naysayers denied the existence of such a plot to defraud gold purchasers - and we grant that in terms of forensic evidence they could plausibly deny the allegations. After all, where was the chain of evidence?

Rob Kirby takes us a step closer in tracing how the tungsten flowed. He corrects his error regarding the origin of the tungsten as being an eastern European country rather than the USA - a plot which started in the 1980s or early 1990s. However, the gold was shipped to Panama and then to Mena, Arkansas from where it was shipped via armored commercial carriers to southern California where it was plated with gold and stamped Good Delivery.

Subsequently the gold plated tungsten was shipped to Engelhard Vancouver for paper trail purposes after which it was shipped to Fort Knox to be exchanged for whatever gold was available. From there, the real gold was shipped to Panama where it awaited delivery into the international supply chain.

In order to release such huge quantities of gold on the international markets, a cover was needed to merge it into a sea of other gold. The Clinton administration under the auspices of Larry Summers and Robert Rubin began massive gold leasing which they adroitly signaled to those in the know as the strong dollar policy. The reason for the criminal activity was to keep interest rates low so that the government could spend its way into oblivion and continue to rack up massive debts. The country needed the spending skills of George Bush the younger to accomplish that goal.

From the foregoing all kinds of dots are connected which heretofore remained a bit blurry. Mena airfield was well known as a cocaine exchange from where it was sold into the USA to fund the Contras in Nicaragua. It is only now that we know it was also a gold laundering facility. More than likely Ron Brown and Vince Foster were murdered in connection to knowledge of these activities although we remain open to other interpretations as Brown himself was a crook. Foster was perhaps murdered as a warning to Clinton about other matters - such as obeying his true masters - the Bush Crime Syndicate.

The bottom line is that Fort Knox is totally bereft of its gold. This story began in the 1960s when the United States as a member of the London Gold Pool participated in gold price suppression schemes. Today, JPMorganChase, HSBC, and other elite Too Big Too Fail banks run the the government's racket to manipulate the gold price. But we hasten to add that these banksters are the government of the USA.

Unfortunately for the criminal thugs at the banks who openly brag about their feats there are those who try to alert the CFTC. Such whistleblowers are marked for murder and initimidation as Andrew Maguire of London found out to his surprise. We have documentation where banksters have publicly called for the murder of exposers of crimes. These calls for murders have come from the very largest banks such as Goldman Sachs.

As a footnote, you now know why Manuel Noriega is sitting in a US prison waiting to rot to death if in fact he is not already dead.

Kirby, Rob, The Genesis of the Gold-Tungsten: The Rest of the Story, Zero Hedge, 4/3/2010,

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