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Is Barry Soetoro A U.S. Citizen?

Considerable controversy surrounds the citizenship of the candidate elected to the presidency in 2008. A small minority claims that the man known as Barack Hussein Obama is actually not an American citizen and therefore lacks Constitutional eligibility to serve as president. After investigating the matter, we have concluded that as the majority are not always right the current White House occupant, Barry Soetoro, is indeed an Indonesian citizen born in Kenya. Americans have been lied to yet again by their government and leaders.

Mr. Obama has spent at least 900,000 USD defending against various lawsuits challenging his elegibility to be president but refuses to use the most basic nuclear option possible - presentation of a vault copy of his birth certificate. Yet the conclusion is as simple as it is obvious: there is no vault copy because Soetoro nee Obama was born in Kenya. So how did we get to this point?

One man leading the charge for truth is a Democrat operative named Philip Berg who is a practicing attorney in Pennsylvania. He is litigating at least three lawsuits filed on behalf of several plaintiffs who challenge the veracity of Obama's claims about his presidential qualifications. One Judge Surrick and a Court of Appeals have determined that Berg has no standing in the matter and thus does not have a right to know if Obama is qualified to be president. Ignorance makes an informed electorate.

Although the material on Berg's website is voluminous it is slightly convoluted and is worth recapitulating here for clarity. This then is the relevant history of Barry Soetoro. Stanley Ann Dunham (November 29, 1942 – November 7, 1995) met Barack Obama, Sr. (April 4, 1936 (?) − November 24, 1982) while she was a student at the University of Hawaii in 1960. He was in the USA studying under a special program providing scholarships to third world students so that they could help their countries develop upon returning to their native lands. She conceived in November of that year, married Barack in February 1961 and delivered Barack, Jr. on or around August 4, 1961.

The Obamas setup house in Hawaii but they decided to travel to Kenya to meet Barack's parents. Whether or not they planned to have the baby in Kenya is unclear but that is indeed what happened. Shortly thereafter, someone called a Hawaiian hospital to register the birth - perhaps Ann's mother - for which a Certification of Live Birth would be issued. A COLB is a simple document acknowledging that someone with residence in Hawaii had given birth to a child. It is distinct and wholly different from a Certificate of Birth which is issued to the parents upon birth of their child on Hawaiian soil.

An important point about Ann is that she was 18 at the time of birth and thus ineligible according to US law to transmit citizenship to her son who was born in Kenya. We have taped testimony from Sarah, Barack's grandmother, that he was indeed born in Kenya.

After this point Ann and Barack separated - him for school and her to Washington to care for her new son who was most likely named Barack Hussein Obama II. However we have no objective evidence for the claim so simply mark at as a high probability. In short time, Ann moved back to Hawaii where she filed for divorce which was granted in January 1964. Barack, Sr. would visit his son one final time in 1971.

At some point in 1965 Ann met then married Lolo Soetoro who was an Indonesian citizen. They returned to Indonesia in either 1965 or 1966 where they established permanent residence. Soetoro either legally adopted or claimed Barack, now known as Barry, as his own, which enables him to enroll in the public Indonesian schools. Extensive research by Berg with Indonesian legal consultants demonstrate that Barry was legally named Soetoro and that he was an Indonesian citizen - a requirement for enrollment in school.

In 1971 Barry was sent alone to Hawaii to live with his grandparents, his grandmother a vice president of a local bank, who enrolled him in an expensive private school. When Barry entered the United States - probably on his mother's passport, he did not visit immigration. There is no record whatsoever that Ann applied for Barry's USA citizenship when he returned with her in 1961. As such Barry entered the USA illegally and has lived here ever since illegally. There is also no record of Soetoro ever changing his name to Obama.

One other interesting detail about Soetoro's citizenship relates to his travel to Pakistan in 1982. At the time, Pakistan was proscribed for travel to US citizens. It is thus most likely that Soetoro's travel there was based upon his Indonesian citizenship. As a further aside, Indonesian law required that minors upon reaching their majority  between the ages of 18-21 were required to affirm in writing  abdication of their citizenships should they desire that election. There are no records of Soetoro ever filing this affidavit with the result that he retained his Indonesian citizenship.

It is also worth noting that at the time of Barry's residence in Indonesia the law prevented dual citizenship and that as such even if he acquired US citizenship prior to arriving in Indonesia c. 1965 that he lost it due to the workings of international law, not the least of which was the Hague Convention of 1930 to which the USA was a signatory.

The case is air tight that the man known as Barack Obama is still legally Barry Soetoro and is an Indonesian citizen and therefore unqualified to be president of the United States.

Congress and in particular Nancy Pelosi have acted shamefully and treasonously by lying to the American people when they certified his eligibility to be president. It was Pelosi who certified Obama's eligibility during the Democrat Party Convention.

A man does not become president of the United States without the help of a lot people and even if they were few, there were still enough Democrats (and Republicans) who knew that Obama was not a qualified presidential candidate. Thus the question is why did so many participate in this hoax upon the American people? We shall explore that in a future article.

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Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean and Debra Wasserman Shultz all signed off on Barry Usurper Soetoro to the American people and got him on ballots in all 50 states. They should be tried for treason on the US. And punished to the full entent of the law. It is nothing less than treasoneous what they have done to this country and the world. They need to be held liable.