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Who Killed FDR?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was easily America's longest serving president who true to the bidecennial curse died in office on April 12, 1945 of what was reported as a cerebral hemorrhage. Over the years the public increasingly understood that Roosevelt's health had been in progressive decline but it is only recently through the ground breaking research of Steven Lomazow, M.D. and Eric Fettmann that we understand the severity of his health problems which were anterior causation of his cerebral hemorrhage in Warm Springs, GA.

Before proceding we should put to rest any anxieties our headline might have given. Although we are inveterate conspiracy exposers we have no evidence whatsoever that Roosevelt died by other than natural pathological causes - meaning that no one did him in but nature itself.

Lomazow and Fettman spent over three years interviewing hundreds of first rate medical doctors in their pursuit of a better understanding of FDR's health. What they uncovered was astonishing. At this point it is fairly common knowledge that FDR's health was at best precarious but few if any have understood that the etiology leading to the cerebral event was located in melanoma and prostate cancer.

The sleuthing is a testament to their perseverence because some sources which could have facilitated this study stubbornly refused to provide access to medical records. Indeed it is the paucity of medical records which has hampered investigations of Roosevelt's health. His physician Dr. Howard Bruenn  was less than forthcoming in his assessment of his patient's health both at the time of his presidency as well as post mortem. It is commonly claimed that his records disappeared or were destroyed. I can assure you that medical records 10 miles long and 2 miles wide do not just disappear. Dr. Lomazow has expressed similar reservations.

Dr. Lomazow suspects that the records are yet to be found - perhaps not all of them but substantial portions of them which could settle once and for all the depth of Roosevelt's health problems. Nonetheless based upon photographic evidence, first hand observations, and surviving fragements some very interesting if not shocking revelations have emerged.

Adding to the evidence of severe physical disabilities is the panapoly of doctors attending the president. He had at least a cardiologist, urologist, general physician, and more who were responsible for his health. FDR checked in and out of Bethesda Naval Medical Hospital on at least 26 occassions under assumed names and this does not account for the various excursions for Swamp Fever on different naval vessels such as the USS Tuscaloosa.

One of the most sensational details is the near death of FDR in 1941 due to severe gastrointestinal bleeding. Dr. Lomazow's best diagnosis is that it was due to radiation bowel disease consequent to the treatment of prostate cancer. Indeed he notes discussions of an orchiectomy which has been used in severe cases to treat prostate cancer.

Some have suggested in recent years that FDR suffered from Guillain-Barre Syndrome rather than from polio. Such theories gained currency from respectable medical publications such as the British Journal of Medical Biography. Lomazow easily debunks this myth and concludes that FDR indeed suffered from poliomyletus a subject about which he notes that Roosevelt was as knowledgeable as the most learned physicians.

The other major source of cancer which the authors address is that due to a pigmented lesion seen above the president's left eye which in the 1930s was rather prominent but which by 1940 is vastly reduced if not vanished. Unfortunately the melanoma metastasized where its primary location of infestation is the gastointestinal tract. This fits well with the previous discussion above regarding FDR's massive blood losses.

But that is not the only location of metastasis - his brain was infected too. The authors discovered through some unique research studying his reading patterns indications of hemianopia — a left-side visual field impairment.

If these two cancers were not enough, the authors also speak of episodes of complex partial seizures which some of his staff - including Frances Perkins - note in various memoirs. Many of FDR's incoherencies can be explained by arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular impediments.

All of these maladies suggest a chief executive who was not fully capable of functioning as president of the United States. Indeed Lomazow reports that FDR was restricted to a 4 hour work day with 14 hours of sleep. This is corroborated by a casual reading of Daisy Suckley's diary - his paramour - where work is a minority preoccupation with the president - his health challenges taking first place.

Of course all of this impinges upon the question of whether Roosevelt should have been in office. His chief physician lied to America in September 1944 when he averred that Roosevelt was in good health and capable of discharging his duties. Roosevelt and his closest advisors knew that he had less than a year to live. The FBI - no paragon of virtue - had at least one filed report indicating that his poor performance at Yalta was attributed to advanced disease. Advisors - including cabinet - noted frequent fainting and dazes which would overcome the president from moments to minutes at a time making him completely incommunicado.

Roosevelt clearly over stayed his usefulness and safety after his second term. He had no business serving on the basis of health to say nothing of his noxious economic policies. We urge those interested to read Dr. Lomazow's blog and book - both of which contain a mountain of evidence explaining the ultimate demise of the 32d president.

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Anonymous said...

And the point is?

Tony Bonn said...

the point is that contrary to some conspiracy theories, fdr died of natural causes - ie joseph stalin did not kill him - nor did anyone else.

Beyond that, the point is that fdr's health was far more precarious than most people understand.

with his weakened state, he exposed the nation to unnecessary risks, and was probably manipulated by schemers who were set within his administration to accomplish agendas he may not have pursued in stronger health.

finally, the point is to overturn much of the mythology surrounding fdr's health history, health records, and inaccuracies.

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