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First Impressions: Enemy of the Truth

Sophisticated crime investigation forensics has finally caught up with the threadbare lies used to deceive Americans about the murder of John F Kennedy in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. Sherry Fiester’s latest book, Enemy of the Truth, steps us through the somewhat arcane field of forensics to reveal the truth about the crime scene.
If you are a fan of the CSI crime scene investigations shows, you will be right at home with Ms Fiester who is herself a Certified Senior Crime Scene Investigator who is also certified in about 50 state and federal judicial jurisdictions as an expert witness in forensics matters, including blood spatter analysis. Now retired from police work, she has devoted her time to exploring the forensic evidence of the Kennedy assassination.

Before discussing the content of the book, we must expose some of the weaknesses in the present volume. Although its prose is competent at best, its editing is subpar for a work of this quality which is college level material in any sense of the term. Numerous typographical, grammatical, and lexical errors abound throughout the book, making comprehension at times a bit of a challenge.
On the other hand, we elevate substance over form and cannot in any way allow these denigrations to deter us from seeking the truth and advancing our understanding of the crime of the century. To that end, this book is unparalleled and is deserving of the fullest attention, especially since Lyndon Johnson shut down the investigation in Dallas the evening of his first day in office.

Warren Commission Report fans will find very little of comfort in Fiester’s book as she shreds nearly every shibboleth of the Lone Nut community to kingdom come. But, while we are on the subject of Johnson, his contempt of the report is legendary – for some rather obvious reasons which we will not develop here.
Enemy of the Truth contains a series of essays organized by chapter which largely stand on their own. Yes the author refers to material presented in previous chapters but she nonetheless repeats it so that full detail of the previously treated subject is not required in its present application. One subject receiving considerable repetition is blood spatter analysis of which the author is an authority as we noted above.

The chief conclusion of the book -  though not necessarily its thesis – is that President Kennedy’s fatal head shot – one captured so eloquently by the Zapruder film especially – was fired from the front from the triple over/under pass. Blood spatter analysis and wound ballistics devastate the case of a fatal shot coming from the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD).
That facility, by the way, is a hysterical joke with its fake museum fooling passive people into believing that Oswald created a sniper’s nest on the 6th floor – again, a subject of another post.

Fiester waylays many cherished myths of the establishment as well as of the conspiracy community as she follows the evidence where it leads regardless of the philosophical preference she or others may hold.
The Zapruder film has been the subject of charges of alteration due largely to the blood spatter and body motion of Kennedy at the moment of the assassination. Fiester shows that modern blood spatter analysis – a veritable science – demonstrates that the effluents coming from Kennedy are authentic and the result of a front shot. Forgers would have needed to possess knowledge about blood spatter science which simply was not available prior to 1975 when the film was first publicly aired.

While none of the assassination films shows the presidential limousine stopping, many witnesses swore to the fact that it did. We even adopted that position in a previous blog, but have since divested ourselves of the notion based upon better evidence and explanation. Fiester delves into some specialized theory and science to explain the phenomenon of the witnesses' empirical perceptions to show the stress of the moment led to time dilation which in turn gave the appearance of the stopping vehicle.
None  of this exonerates the Secret Service in any way as Fiester later reports analysis from a study sponsored by  House Select Committee on Assassinations which showed that the vehicle indeed slowed from about 12 mph to 8 mph just prior to the head shot.
One of the highlights of the book uses ballistic wounds, math, and physics to triangulate the location of the shooter. This evidence is used to disabuse us of the Grassy Knoll theory. While the author does not claim that no shots were fired from behind the fence – and indeed there is an abundance of witness to weapons fire from the parking lot behind the knoll – she does claim that the fatal head wound could not have come from the famed grassy knoll.
We have skimmed just a fraction of the information and analysis found in this fabulous and long overdue book, so readers will have to obtain a copy to get the full monty as they say. We are delighted that the lone nut theory has been wasted with the devastation it so justly deserves.
We have seen the release of a near avalanche of first rate books over the past 2 years which demonstrates with court quality evidence the fact that Kennedy was killed by skilled and powerful assassins whose authority for the murder came deep within the Military Industrial Complex – a complex which includes the Bush Crime Syndicate and Rockefeller Axis of Evil.
The time for debating whether Oswald or a kook killed Kennedy is long past. The real work of tying  to the crime the most likely suspects may begin in earnest.
Enemy of the Truth, Myths, Forensics, and the Kennedy Assassination, Sherry P Fiester, 2012
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