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Bombshells in Dallas: Miscellaneous News from November in Dallas

Just when we thought we had uncovered the most important clues in the murder of President John Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dealey Plaza by the Rockefeller Crime Syndicate, new ones keep popping up like weeds. A case in point is the role of the Texas School Book Depository as a decoy.
To be more explicit, there were no shooters in the TSBD. This revelation hit us like two tons of lead bricks when we first heard it from our correspondent who viewed a lecture by Barry Ernest, the author of The Girl on the Stairs, at the recent November in Dallas conference sponsored by JFK Lancer Publications which presents new discoveries in the JFK murder case to the public at its annual gathering.
Ernest found a critical witness to the Kennedy murder after years of on again off again searching. Although she appears in the Warren Commission Report, her testimony was falsified by the committee and FBI. When Victoria Adams told the FBI what she saw in the immediate aftermath of the shooting in front of where she worked, they severely intimidated her to change her story to match the fabrications they were weaving about Oswald.
When she refused to do so, the commission falsified her story. She has remained deathly quiet since then, not wanting to find an early grave as have so many other who knew too much or dared to utter the truth.
Adams worked in the accounting department of the TSBD along with 3 others on the fateful day in November. When Adams’ coworkers heard the shots, they ran down the stairs to see what the commotion was, while Adams’ was certain that the president had been mortally wounded.
Two of the co-workers went down the stairs while Adams and a colleague remained on the fourth floor where they worked. From this vantage they could see anyone who ascended or descended the stairs. The only two people they saw were police officer Baker and building manager Roy Truly.
This observation is extraordinarily important. It is important because the stairs in the TSBD did not run straight up from the first floor to the sixth. In order to get to another floor, a climber had to  stop on the fourth floor to transfer to another flight of stairs to go up or down. The fourth floor housing the accounting department was wide open with an unobstructed view of the stair wells.
The girls who went down did not see anyone go down or up – to say nothing of Oswald. The girls who remained on the 4th floor in the open area did not see anyone go up or down save for the two men just mentioned. The story completely contradicts the lies the Warren commission uttered about Oswald.
It also completely undoes our own understanding that CIA's assassins were manning the 5th floor to shoot at the president. The truth is that the TSBD was NOT an assassin’s lair as long believed by the public and told ceaselessly by the state controlled news media.
The CIA staged an elaborate hoax  on the 6th floor in order to frame Oswald. His handlers had maneuvered him into that job to create an association between Oswald and the TSBD. The 6th floor sniper’s nest was yet another delusion with which the CIA blinded the public.
And to think that there is a museum there to keep the public stupid is a farce which would give Joseph Goebells sheer delight.
But that’s not all. Lyndon Johnson was rolled under the bus earlier this year in yet another solution to the crime. This time LBJ was painted as the master mind who had the will, motive, and power to murder a president. As usual, the truth is more complicated than that.
Johnson was easily the most foul president until George Bush, Jr. He was a mass murderer who sent men to Vietnam for no reason other than to line the pockets of his plutocrat bosses. He ordered the sinking of the USS Liberty when it was attacked by Israeli forces. And he participated in the murder of his nominal boss.
Johnson was a small cog in the Rockefeller / Wall Street plan to stage a coup. He was greedy enough to want to be president and wicked enough to obtain it by murder. His scandals were on the verge of sending him to prison. So it was no small gift to be invited to help in the American coup of 1963.
Johnson worked closely with his protégé John Connally to plan Kennedy's trip to Dallas which would allow the plutocrats to murder the president. When Kennedy was assaulted, Connally yelled out, “They are going to kill both of us!” Jackie Kennedy told William Manchester this quote when he was preparing his history of the Kennedy years. However, the publishers would not allow the quote to be published. So they altered it to, “They are going to kill us all!”
This statement meant that Connally felt that he was being double crossed after all of the work he did to funnel Kennedy onto Elm Street at the right moment.
Not to be outdone, Johnson called the Dallas Police Department to inform it that it should stop its investigation of the Kennedy murder because it already had the guilty party – Lee Oswald.

One of the interesting casualties of the discovery about the TSBD is in connection with the Tegan Mathis book claiming to deconstruct Executive Prvilege by Lynne Cheney. In particular, the claim that Colin Powell was the sniper in the TSBD becomes more farcical than it already was. We believe that Mathis is due for an even steeper discount than we had given previously.
The Kennedy killing and its cover-up by the CIA operating on orders from the Rockefeller murderers is one of history’s most fascinating and darkest crimes. Satan is laughing with delight the day the music died.
Personal correspondence with attendee to November in Dallas

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Anonymous said...

A lot of issues here but I am still stuck on John Connally getting in that car if he knew that the parade was going to be the scene of the murder. I dont see him putting himself and his wife in that car if he knew what was waiting in Dealy Plaza, I am sure he was an insider but not that way.

Tony Bonn said...

on the surface it is a difficult proposition to accept - connally getting into the limo if he knew the plot in advance. however, the evidence is very strong that he indeed knew beforehand and played a crucial role in seducing kennedy to dallas, selecting the speaking site, and tailoring the route into the killing fields.

strenuous efforts were made to get Yarborough in the limousine but failed. my belief is that connally was told that the assassins were so accurate that that they would miss him and his wife - especially with greer's planned stop - or that kennedy would be killed elsewhere.

so I agree that there may have been aspects where connally was not entirely privy to the details of the assassination, yet it seems abundantly clear that he knew why he was leading the president to dallas.

Arturo Garcia said...
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