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What Did Lynne Cheney Know, And When Did She Know It?

For those wanting more evidence that Dick Cheney is Satan incarnate, look no further than his wife’s coded description of Watergate in Executive Privilege. Although she wrote ostensibly a novel, she wrote more of a true confession in the truth is stranger than fiction category.
One of our good researchers passed along information which we found both shocking and illuminating – a cast of characters involved in both the Kennedy assassination and Watergate. Richard Nixon always maintained that the Bay of Pigs was connected to the Kennedy assassination and should have extended its reach to his presidency.
Indeed his White House, unbeknownst to him, was a breeding ground and way station for past and future murderers who would rule America with their chauvinistic, imperial lusts. Thanks to another superb book which decodes Cheney’s revelations, we know much more about the Kennedy murder than we knew before. The decoder book is Against Them by Tegan Mathis.
While we prepare for a fuller review, we wished to pass along this information in connection to the Kennedy conspiracy led by some of the most respected names in post war American politics. For those familiar with the schematic of Dealy Plaza, you may recognize Umbrella Man, the guy who was holding the umbrella on a sunny day at the foot of the grassy knoll from where Kennedy was lethally shot.
Umbrella man was a signaler for the assassins behind the fence. But it takes special skill to operate as point man for assassins, so the future General Alexander Haig was selected to operate the umbrella semaphore that fateful day. To keep the signal on time, a trusty sidekick to notify the Umbrella Man to signal the assassins is required too. So why not enlist a Harvard genius by the name of Henry Kissinger?
One of the other stunning surprises is the identity of the man in the 5th floor window of the Texas School Book Depository. (And yes we said 5th floor). The man who was the sharpshooter against the president was an Army officer fresh from Viet Nam and future Secretary of State. The name is none other than General Colin Powell.
What  is striking about all three men is their meteoric rises in power after murdering the president. Alexander Haig became in turn Kissinger’s aide in the Nixon White House, Nixon’s chief of staff, commander of NATO, and eventually Secretary of State during Reagan’s first term.
Kissinger had a very dazzling career as National Security Advisor and Secretary of State. We have already noted Powell’s tenure as Secretary of State under George Bush, Jr. If you wondered how both Powell and Haig jumped over many men their seniors in such a short period of time, wonder no more. It mattered little that they both sported average to mediocre records – especially when they excelled at murder.
However, being well connected to the Bush Crime Syndicate offers advantages not found elsewhere. Indeed, we have reported how Prescott Bush and George Bush, Sr. were important figures in the murder plot, where good behavior is richly rewarded - just as mafia crime family does.
Henry Kissinger’s career is well known, especially to Italians who identified him as the man behind the murder of Prime Minister Aldo Moro.
We know much of this new information thanks to the investigations and deciphering abilities of Mr Mathis who delivers much more information in explaining these two pivotal events in American history – only to be surpassed by 9/11 – another production of the cabal who practiced in Dealy Plaza.
Stay tuned for more illumination.

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