Friday, July 6, 2012

Private Investigator Alleges Soetoro SSN Fraud

A private investigator, according World Net Daily, has demonstrated that Barry Soetoro’s Social Security number was fraudulently obtained. Soetoro is the Indonesian citizen Americans elected as president in 2008 in complete contravention to the Constitution’s requirement that a president be a naturally born citizen.

Investigator Susan Daniels has filed suit in Geauga County Ohio alleging that Soetoro’s SSN cannot possibly be legal, thus compelling Ohio’s secretary of state to remove Soetoro from the presidential ballot.

As a licensed private investigator, Daniels has researched hundreds of SSNs. She has investigated this matter since August 2009, noting that the prefix of Soetoro’s SSN, 042, is exclusively reserved for applicants in Connecticut. Soetoro has been using this number since 1986, but Daniels discovered that the batch of numbers containing Soetoro’s number was issued between 1977 – 79 when Soetoro was living in Hawaii.

The PI also discovered that Soetoro’s SSN was issued in March 1977 in Connecticut to a man born in 1890. Soetoro’s sister’s SSN was issued with Hawaii numbers. The trouble with the Connecticut SSN is that Soetoro would have had to appear in Connecticut for a “’mandatory in-person interview’” according to the WND article.

More intriguing is that Soetoro’s SSN is associated with multiple birth dates, an irregularity Daniels has not observed before in her 17 years as a licensed PI. The Social Security Administration is required by law to retain on microfilm the original SS application, access to which Daniels is compelling through her legal actions.

The courts will rule against Daniels on the merits and the facts, arguing that since the State does not have the authority to compel a federal agency to release documents, there exists no way to disprove Soetoro’s assertion that he is using a legitimate SSN, effectively placing the burden of proof on the plaintiff rather than the presidential aspirant to demonstrate Constitutional eligibility for president.

We also predict that Daniels may meet a suspicious death, as you do when you are dealing with powerful international criminals. What is more staggering about the faked SSN is that Soetoro has been groomed by these same powerful forces since at least 1981 to become president of the United States, at which time he went to Pakistan on an intelligence mission.

A long litany of document sequestrations surrounds Soetoro. His birth, academic, draft, and all other records have been sealed even though they bear directly on his Constitutional eligibility to be president However,since the criminal elements supporting Soetoro are to be found in the CIA, Wall Street, and other crevices of the Military Industrial Complex, there is no chance that a challenge to Soetoro’s presidential candidacy will be countenanced.

Soetoro's presidency was an experiment of the Bush Crime Syndicate to place any candidate at will in the White House, an experiment showing the most spectacular success.


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