Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Was Barbara Bush the Babushka Lady?

George and Barbara Bush may be the Bonnie and Clyde of the modern clandestine era. It has crossed our mind that Barbara Bush may be the mysterious Babushka lady in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963 when the Jewish Permindex corporation saw its murder plans of President Kennedy unfold.

According to our interpretation of Russ Baker's research, Barbara Bush is definitely a company woman who has helped George with alibis and plausible deniability, one such occasion being her contrived letter implying that she and George were in Tyler, TX giving a speech when the President was murdered. The letter was a fraud and a hoax like most things Bush.

George Bush was in the Dal-Tex building where he led a team of Operation 40 assassins in the ambush on the President. Barbara's true whereabouts are unknown - which leads us to the famed Babushka lady.

No one has ever found her, and there are no clear pictures of this mysterious woman. Clearly she was in disguise doing work for the assassins. No more reliable agent could be found than Barbara who has worked hand in hand with her husband's covert operations over the years.

The Babushka Lady was seen in Dealey Plaza near the motorcade at the time of the President's assassination. George Bush is known for naming his ships after his wife; perhaps the Babushka lady is another such paranomasia.

Babushka is a well known Russian word for a type of scarf or head covering, but Babs is sometimes short for Barbara as in the case of Babs Streisand. Bush would be the family name of one of the president's murderers. Stretch it out a little and you have Babushka Lady.

It's a wild stretch we know, but we like to explore all paths in our quest for truth.

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Anonymous said...

This seems plausible if hubby was in the Dal-Tex building with that team. Babushka lady seemed quite determined to get a photographic record of the situation at the picket fence (assuming that is a camera she's holding). Maybe to be used as blackmail, or insurance that they wouldn't do a limited hangout on Poppy?

Tony Bonn said...

possibly, but the more likely reason was to document who was filming and photographing that day so that their films could be taken, and also to know what in the zapruder film needed to be altered. zapruder worked for the assassins - he was recording what had already been designated the official film of the assassination.