Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Health Care

Channeling Satan is not exactly a regimen for good health, as Hillary Clinton found out on September 11, 2016 when she collapsed while waiting to enter her energy guzzling SUV after attending a 9/11 ceremony for the people she helped murder. We are certain that it gave her fond memories of Waco which she, Bill, and Janet Reno launched in a merciless attack on the Branch Davidians.

Long before Sunday's debacle, Clinton's health had been a subject of major speculation, and will continue even after she dies. All of the explanations heard in the establishment press are lies spewing forth from her shills and other supporters of the lesbian-in-chief.

Clinton hacks at the Washington Post breezily explained the pneumonia scare as something everyone gets, and certainly was not to be considered unusual for a 69 year old grandmother.

Other sock puppets laugh at how many maladies the traitor has been alleged to have, concluding that since she is accused of so many health issues, she must therefore have none.

Clinton's lies about her health are nothing new to presidential politics. Franklin Roosevelt lied about his dire health until the very day the communist died at Warm Springs. Not only did the American people not know that the murderer was a cripple, they certainly did not know that he was rushed to Bethesda Naval Hospital on at least 9 occasions, many of them being nearly fatal.

Eisenhower's handlers played fast and loose with the facts about his heart attacks and incapacities, and the nation never knew the severity of the stroke which nearly killed off Woodrow Wilson, something we wish would have happened to that murderer. John Kennedy had seriously poor health long before his presidential run, as did the mass murderer Lyndon Johnson. Very few spoke of Bill Clinton's serious cocaine addictions, thinking that it was a great credential for the presidency.

So as caustic as we are in our opinions about the Clintons, Hillary is hardly the first presidential aspirant to lie about her health.

As for what really ails her, we believe that the more maladies attributed to her, the closer we get to the truth. Her fake husband stated in an interview with Charlie Rose that she frequently faints, an admission which shill CBS removed from its highly edited excerpt of the interview.

In 2005 she suffered an unexplained broken elbow, which we can explain as a fall down some stairs from another fainting episode.

So what causes the fainting? And is it really fainting? We can safely ignore the lies about dehydration as the babbling of hysterical Clinton groupies. Even the pneumonia explanation is a crock.

Zero Hedge ran a couple of articles today from different sources attributing Clinton's health problems to Parkinson's disease, a condition which mass murderer George Bush suffers. As Dr Ted Noel explained, the special blue eye shades she wears are to prevent bright lights from triggering an epileptic seizure - something you want to avoid when your finger is on the fake nuclear button.

Clinton's former Secret Service agent wrote in Zero Hedge that he doesn't believe the crock about allergies, dehydration, or pneumonia, a conclusion he bases upon years of being in close personal contact with her. Had pneumonia been the cause of the collapse, she would not have been so perky within 90 minutes after being rushed to her daughter's townhouse in New York City, which one investigator links to Metrocare Home Services, who treated her with Levodopa.

Does America really need a president who rushes to her daughter's condo for health care, rather than to an emergency room? Why not find Granny Clampett's grandchildren for a house doctor? We don't need no stinkin' emergency rooms, especially when they are overrun by Obama Care doctors.

Others claim that the loss of consciousness is due to poor circulation caused by brain cancer, but she may not have cancer - rather she could be suffering brain damage induced by severe seizures. Was Vincent Foster going to reveal information about her incipient Parkinson's before she had him murdered?

Another explanation for the First Traitor's health problems is supranuclear palsy as Dudley Moore suffered. Indicators of this diagnosis are her breathing difficulties and inability to make a vertical gaze.

We haven't an ounce of sympathy for the vile woman, and can only pray that her demise is near. Get ready for a revival of the Vast Right Winged Conspiracy rodeo. We will never be told the truth officially about Clinton's health, and as she screamed before Congress on her Tripoli treason and the murder of CIA Ambassador Stevens, what does it really matter?? The truth will out regardless.

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