Friday, June 10, 2016

How Bush Sr Murdered John Tower

Not only was George Bush, Sr a principal participant in the murder of President John F Kennedy in Dallas' Dealey Plaza in 1963, but he was also the principal agent in the murder of Texas Senator John Tower in Brunswick, GA in 1991.
Many will recall the Iran-Contra scandal which raged during the second term of Ronald Reagan whom Bush had also attempted to murder in March 1981. At the center of the controversy was the charge that the United States exchanged arms with Iran in order to raise funds to arm the Contras fighting the Sandinistas in Nicaragua.
That aspect is only part of the story. The other half is that the United States via the CIA, FBI, and other elements of the US shadow government ran drugs from Central America for mass distribution in the United States to raise money for arms. The slip of the tongue by California Representative Maxine Waters that the CIA had fomented the crack epidemic against blacks was true and almost cost her her life.
According to a recently released report by Wayne Madsen, Reagan named Tower to chair the President's Special Review Board, informally known as the Tower Commission, to investigate the National Security Council and other government agents involved in the criminal activities related to the Iran-Contra scandal.
CIA documents uncovered by Madsen reveal that Bush was furious over Tower's disclosures. Tower would probably have revealed more had it not been for Bush plant Brent Scowcroft who acted on the Vice President's behalf to perform damage control from inside the commission.
In 1989 Bush nominated Tower for Secretary of Defense in a gambit to setup Tower for public humiliation as revenge for his role in exposing the Iran-Contra crimes. Neo-con Paul Weyrich was the instrument used by Bush to leak rumors and gossip about Tower's alleged drinking and womanizing - which was rather tame stuff compared to Bush's pedophilia and involvement in the Omaha sex ring - closely related to the Franklin Savings and Loan Scandal - operating for the pleasure of Washington's high and mighty of both political parties.
As the Satanic holy month and the season of Beltane, the Satanist George Bush selected April 5, 1991 as the time to murder in revenge Tower and 21 passengers on the Atlantic Southeast Airlines flight 2311. The extra incentive for the murder was that not only had Tower published damaging information to Bush in his memoirs, but that he was also about to publish a tell-all sequel which would have named names.
Madsen also revealed that one of Bush's co-conspirators in Iran-Contra was Graham Fuller whose daughter was married to "Ruslan Tsarnaev, the uncle of accused Boston Marathon bombers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev" showing that conspiracy runs in the family.
Coincidence theorists will dismiss the fact as absolutely nothing that John Heinz III died in a "mysterious" plane crash the day before John Tower met his fateful end. Heinz' chief sin was supporting Tower in his nomination for Secretary of Defense.
Also unknown to most Americans is that Jeb Bush was a key second fiddle to his father's crimes operated out of the White House. Jeb was intimately involved with the murder of Barry Seal who was once one of Bush's loyal pilots who flew drugs into Mena, AR where Bill Clinton was governor, and which became the quid pro quo for his ascendance to the presidency.

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