Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How Saudi Arabia Handles Dissent

Below is a picture of a Saudi Arabian woman whose main crime was being a woman. The United States supports the Saudi Arabian government for this very reason, and isn't it ironic that the woman who keeps state department official documents in her bathroom closet has said nothing.
Most Americans fail to understand that Saudi Arabia is a Jewish vassal state whose Wahhabism is a variant of Talmudic Judaism. The United States in turn is a vassal state of the Windsors and the Jewish City of London Banksters.
Meet the Old World Order the same as the New World Order:

Although we rarely post links because they go bad, the one we provide is so important that we will risk a sour link. The censor thugs at Google have already taken down this video once, and we believe that in support of the murderous, butcher regime of Saudi Arabia will do so again. You owe it to yourself to watch how this Jewish and American ally tortures its people.


Veterans Today, Video: Saudi Arabia Uncovered, March 29, 2016,  accessed 3/2/2016

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