Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Coup d'Etat in Dealey Plaza

The murder of President John Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dealey Plaza marked the most important event in American history since the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. A cabal of murderers brutally ended the experiment in freedom and self government which began nobly on July 4th of that momentous year.

The stupendous efforts of independent researchers have completely over turned the acres of lies spread from the moment of the assassination by establishment figures in the media, government, and academia. Had we relied on professional historians to uncover the truths of Dealy Plaza, we would have been as the darkened inhabitants of Western Europe after the fall of the Roman empire who lived brutal and ignorant lives for centuries while waiting for the light of knowledge and civilization.

President Eisenhower warned of the military industrial complex with great prescience, hardly imagining that less than 3 years later that this monster would come out of hiding to murder a duly elected president at high noon with brazen disregard for decency, let alone the law.

Such is the hatred of men whose power is challenged by equals. Wealth breeds a sense of entitlement, autocracy – if not brazen arrogance. Such was the nature of the men who killed Kennedy in Dallas.

What are the fruits of the researchers who have sucked the truth out of barren rocks, mined vain veins, and plumbed vasty depths to find the facts and the story of the murder of the millennium? We have a cornucopia of knowledge to piece together the crime, along with names and motives.

There is still more to be discovered but we know enough to discard as an infantile lie the preposterous notion that a lone, psychologically imbalanced man could have killed the president of the United States. The evidence fabricated by the Warren Commission and its sponsors isn’t enough to bring a grand jury indictment, let alone a court conviction – a scenario the murderers cleverly avoided by conducting a kangaroo investigation of the murder by the Executive branch – some of whose members were the murderers and accomplices to murder they were charged with investigating.

We know that Kennedy, no angel indeed, earned the wrath of many men who formed a coalition of the willing to murder him - in part for sport. These men came from Wall Street primarily, but had willing sycophants at the highest levels of military leadership, in powerful government posts, and influential positions in the news organization who propagated lie after damnable lie.

Policies which earned their wraths ranged from withdrawal from Viet Nam, modifications to the oil depletion allowance, the handling of the Steel strike, the Bay of Pigs failure, limits on CIA power, d├ętente with Cuba and the USSR, and disapproval of Kennedy’s personal affairs.

The order to murder the president issued from the most powerful families in the country, with the Rockefeller brothers leading the cabal of hyenas. They had an able executive arm led by Prescott Bush and his future president son who marshaled the powers of government to plan, execute, and cover-up the murder.

The CIA had many men who could commit the deed with surgical precision and a conscience seared by greed and hatred. Allen Dulles served as a faithful master in these tasks and most importantly in covering up the crime with the greatest snow job since Studio 54 rollicked to disco and drugs in the 1970s – and yes I have used an anachronism.

With the Secret Service fully suborned into the murder, the president was literally a sitting duck stalled in a firestorm of bullets which rang out 360 degrees around Dealy Plaza. An assassin in the 5th (yes, 5th) floor window of the Texas School Book depository shot the president in the back, a sniper behind the fence of the grassy knoll shot the president in the neck, and an assassin by the railroad underpass delivered the bullet which sent Kennedy’s skull flying backward.

The Zapruder film documents this sequence nicely – a film which the murderers planned so that they could relive the moment many times, conduct after action reports and debriefings, and most importantly, to know what lies were required to bamboozle a foolish public.

The official autopsy was faked by corrupt doctors while a gloating General Curtis LeMay looked on with contempt at the president’s corpse. To this day we do not know where Kennedy’s brain is, if not in a carefully protected jar within the Bush estate.

The CIA has and continues to spend billions to murder witnesses, spread lies about the crime, keeping it out of court, and to disrupt any honest efforts to find the facts and truth of the story of their criminal deeds.

A crime of this magnitude requires great wealth, human resources, and prodigious planning. Only the wealthy and powerful could orchestrate such an elaborate crime. Only the men of Wall Street, such as the Rockefellers, Harrimans, Bundys, and others of their sinister ilk, could move the ponderous levers of government to incubate, plan, execute, and cover-up a murder so grand as to make Adolph Hitler blush with envy.

The murder of President John F Kennedy was not the work of a crazed loony, let alone one of them. It was the purposeful, malicious, heinous act of a powerful clique of men who hate America and despise those who challenge its preeminence.

The facts and resources are abundant and overwhelming in establishing the murderers, motives, and methods used to replace the sitting president with factotums of their own choosing. When Johnson took the oath of President, he began the reign of Caesars behind whose throne the real powers pulled the strings. May God bring forth justice out of iniquity.

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