Tuesday, May 1, 2012

On the Anniversary of Osama bin Laden's Murder

The United States president of Indonesian citizenship, Barry Soetoro, has made much of his murder of Osama Bin Laden. Unfortunately, the mythology around bin Laden is a pack of lies to fool the American people and anyone else interested in imbibing his deceptions.
Osama Bin Laden is alleged to have destroyed the World Trade Centers and attacked the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, using a loose confederation of terror cells situated around the world, including the United States. Unfortunately this story is complete bunk.
Bin Laden, also known as Tim Osman, was a business partner of George Bush, Jr. who was intertwined with the former president in various oil enterprises in the Middle East, including a pipeline project passing through Afghanistan to India from the Mediterranean. Bush and bin Laden were also involved in Enron, a financial fiasco of Biblical proportions, to raise money for the Bush Crime Syndicate and its many subterfuge and terrorist operations.
Part of the motivation for the attacks of 9/11 was to eliminate George Bush, Sr.’s business partner Saddam Hussein, but also to bury the Enron evidence which former FBI executive John O’Neil had uncovered linking the Bushes to Enron and bin Laden.
The Bushes had extensive ties with Saudi Arabian royalty, with the Saudi construction magnate being one of the most colorful. Bin Laden was set up as the lightening rod to take attention away from the real masterminds of the BCS’s terror attacks.
Bin Laden was tied to al Qaeda by American propaganda leaders through their proxies in the establishment news media. The CIA created al Qaeda during the 1980s as it developed a portfolio of mercenaries throughout the world to undertake their black operations, particularly against the USSR in Afghanistan.
The Bush Crime Syndicate used this Rolodex of mayhem to orchestrate a series of contributing and diversionary activities leading up to 9/11. After the attacks, the BCS created its famous 9/11 Most Wanted list published on playing cards to add extra drama and entertainment to the clean-up operation. Indeed, the men targeted for destruction included al Qaeda members, political threats, and innocent people  who knew too much.
The opportunities to capture bin Laden before 9/11 were numerous yet no one in official capacity sought to apprehend him until after the BCS had destroyed the Enron evidence in WTC 7. Prior to 9/11 bin Laden was being sheep dipped like Lee Oswald was in the months leading up the murder of President John Kennedy by the Bush Crime Syndicate.
Soetoro gave orders to kill bin Laden rather than take him alive. If bin Laden were truly the leader of this alleged worldwide conspiracy of al Qaeda cells, he would have been far more valuable alive than dead, and America forces could have easily taken him alive before he died.
It is highly doubtful that the man murdered by American SEALs in 2011 was actually the Osama bin Laden of 9/11 fame. Numerous credible intelligence reports indicate that he died quite some time ago.
Please disregard all of the entertainment lavished on bin Laden. He is not the real criminal. That sobriquet belongs to the elite Citizens of the World who fill the ranks of the Bush Crime Syndicate.

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