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The Treason of Standard Oil (Exxon) During World War 2

We have reported on Wall Street’s financing of Hitler and Nazi programs prior to World War 2 but we have not given as much attention to its treasonous acts during the war. The depths to which these men of fabled wealth sent Americans to their deaths is one of the great untold stories of the war.

John Rockefeller, Jr. appointed William Farish chairman of Standard Oil of New Jersey which was later rechristened Exxon. Farish lead a close partnership with his company and I. G. Farben, the German pharmaceutical giant whose primary raison d'etre was to occlude ownership of assets and financial transactions between the two companies, especially in the event of war between the companies' respective nations.

This combine opened the Auschwitz prison camp on June 14, 1940 to produce artificial rubber and gasoline from coal using proprietary patents rights granted by Standard. Standard Oil and I. G. Farben provided the capital and technology while Hitler supplied the labor consisting of political enemies and Jews. Standard withheld these patents from US military and industry but supplied them freely to the Nazis.

Farish plead “no contest” to criminal conspiracy with the Nazis. A term of the plea stipulated that Standard would provide the US government the patent rights to produce artificial rubber from Standard technology while Farish paid a nominal 5,000 USD fine

Frank Howard, a vice president at Standard Oil NJ, wrote Farish shortly after war broke out in Europe that he had renewed the business relationship described above with Farben using Royal Dutch Shell mediation top provide an additional layer of opacity. The letter explicitly stated that such an agreement would continue even if the two countries went to war which in fact happened on December 8, 1941.

The Truman committee, which was investigating various aspects of wartime industrial affairs, also found out from the Justice Department that Standard Oil had withheld patents from the US Navy which had been supplied to the Nazis. Worse yet, the department revealed that Standard Oil had been supplying the Luftwaffe and German Navy gasoline and tetraethyl lead.

Fortunately Farish broke down under intense questioning and died November 29, 1942 – a small consolation for the allies as Standard Oil continued provisioning Hitler’s war machine unabated until the end of the war.

Farish’s son William, a lieutenant in the Army Air Force, was humiliated by the exposure of his father and died in a training accident in 1943 leaving a son, William, who became George H. W. Bush’s financial manager and close business associate. William III inherited all of the ill-gotten gains of his grandfather long with his ideas of racial purity and anti-semitism.

As we will discuss in another posting, they collaborated closely on sterilization and other techniques to maintain racial purity and to prevent lower races from infecting the higher ones. They continued the ghastly purification programs of William the first.

As for John Rockefeller Jr, he claimed to not know of the quotidian affairs of his company, but the truth we believe is otherwise.

We would note that the high treason by Farish and other Wall Streeters such as Prescott Bush, whose Union Banking Corporation was seized by the government under the Trading with the Enemy Act, also included intelligence to the Nazis which gave the appearance that the Germans were superior fighters. Our belief is that they were not so gifted, owing their advantages to Wall Street traitors who supplied a stream of tactical and strategic intelligence to delay their defeat.

Many studies produced after the war and down into 1980s gave Germans numerically higher combat effectiveness scores due to superior fighting doctrine, but we now believe that much of this advantage can be traced to treacherously provided war intelligence.

Since Standard Oil continued to supply Hitler and his concentration camps throughout the war, we suspect that the tiger has not changed its stripes since and that Exxon can be counted as a fierce enemy of America whenever its financial interests are constrained by war.

George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography, Webster Tarpley, Anton Chaitkin

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Anonymous said...

Well done, I hope you manage to keep this online, as I had read something about this before and then it disappeared.

It says something about Sheeple that nobody has commented before now... "couldn't happen here" eh?
- or is it just those impossible Capcha things? lol

Tony Bonn said...

We will do our best to keep the material available indefinitely as we believe that americans need to learn their history and give up the naive fairy tale versions they so cherish.

For our part we feel as though we are the mean kid who told his younger brother that santa claus doesn't exist but facts is facts.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, just happened upon this site in searching for the truth. keep it going.

David R. said...

There is extensive documentation to support the fact that Standard Oil of New Jersey did supply the Nazi war machine with valuable resources before and during WWII. Unfortunately not one CEO was charged with treason or any other war crime. Read Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler by Antony Sutton, late Professor of Economics at Cal State.

David said...

Two important books cover Roosevelt's early years: The Plots against the President by Sally Denton and The Plot to seize the White House by Jules Archer. They demonstrate the early involvement of Wall Street with Fascists. Another is Trading with the Enemy by Charles Hingham.
All available through AbesBooks and paper backs as little as 1.00.
May also check out the Rothschild's and the banking history leading up to this.

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Unknown said...

Tony Bonn,

Thank you for this most informative presentation of fact. It is clear, concise and well presented.

Also, thanks very much to David R.'s posts of April 9, 2014 and December 31, 2014. I knew of Antony Cyril Sutton's work and David's posts gave me the information I needed to learn more. David does a great service by recommending Abebooks, an excellent resource for information.

Well done.
"You see, but you do not observe. The distinction is clear." - Sherlock Holmes.

Doyle, Arthur Conan (1892). A Scandal In Bohemia. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting...this is an eye opener...

Unknown said...

Since Rockefeller is an illuminati jew, this is not an eye opener. But what was their motive? Was it to make possible to create the create the state of Israel. Rothschild also illuminati, said as much as they were behind creation of Israel. Israel was to be in place for start of Armageddon. Hmm. Thanks for the info that I was suspicious of.

Akachibisaru said...

War was and is w gam3 played by tue wealthy and influential.It is one of many ways to get richer off the backs/ lives of the common man. The poor get poorer the rich get richer.